All that we behold and perceive by our senses bears undeniable witness to the existence of God--the stone and the cloud, the plants and the trees, the living creatures, the heavens and the earth and the stars, the dry land and the ocean, the fire and the air, substance and accident. Indeed, we ourselves are the chief witnesses to Him. But just as the bat sees only at night and cannot see in the daytime because of the weakness of its sight, which is dazzled by the full light of the sun, so also the human mind is too weak to behold the full glory of the Divine Majesty. --- Al-Ghazzali


This blog contains numerous spiritual conversations between God and I. All things are possible, including of direct communication with our Creator, source of our Spirit.I call this communicating with Spirit. Many have many ways of explaining it. Within this blog, I have also placed some writings from different books and/or people that I have found loving/awakening to my spirit. Thank you so much for visiting. Blessings. Sehnaz

29 March 2018


Good Morning Dear Friends,

  I remember in childhood I would pull up my blanket over my head, and hold my hands open towards facing heavens and mumble my prayers for my family who were living and on the other side.  Although it gave me great comfort as a kid, I truly never realized until age 40 that prayers were/

are always heard.  Every word you utter is heard, for the word is always with God.  P.s.:  Enjoy the Spring, its an amazing time of the year, with colorful blooms, shades of green and birds humming their songs... earth is once again celebrating.  May happiness surround you. 

Thank you for reading my Trance meditation, a conversation with Father God on "What is a Prayer"?(this conversation was recorded in January 2017)

Father God What is the purpose of prayers?

"My dear woman, you are to know that a prayer is nothing but communication with your source.  It is through a prayer that the heavens hear your desires and thoughts because you are stating them out loud.  You are to know that a prayer is a holy communication with other spirits and myself.  You are to know that a prayer is always heard, there are times when people wonder if prayers are heard.....have no doubt within your hearts that prayers are always heard.  Prayers are always answered if they are serving your higher purpose.  When I say that I mean that we cannot intercept any of your own desires that you came onto earth with but if there are ways that we can go around them than we can intercept and help you in that desire.  A prayer is a formal communication between you and heavens and myself, a prayer is also for your own soul.  For you are me and I am you.  A prayer is a holy communication between you and your source. 

There are times when people believe that a prayer has to be a specific way, or a specific word , but you are to know that a prayer is any and all words that are used and accepted by your own soul's growth.  When you pray for something, we hear these words.  Prayers are always answered, you are to know this.  When people pray on behalf of another soul, this is also a holy moment, for one soul is praying on behalf of another soul.  When one person includes of another in form of their prayers, they are also accepted on behalf of that soul.  They are also answered.  Because it is coming from a place of love and care. 

When you are praying and would like for your prayers to be heard, you are also welcome to ask for the prayers to work on the most highest level of the persons being and for it to benefit them on a soul level.  you are to know that all prayers are heard.  When a brother or a sister of yours is praying on behalf of another soul, the heavens also pay attention to this , for the individual is sharing the burden of what they are praying for.  For this reason its also very holy in that the stress of the situation is in the minds of two people praying. "

Father God, how does healing prayers work?

"Healing prayers are within the same line, but we than focus on the physical and the spiritual level of healing for the person.  Healing prayers are heard by our spirits who command and dictate healing to the spirit and the body of the person.  If the body and spirit of the person is open to healing than healing will occur.  When you are saying a prayer for healing, you are to let the other person know so they are open to healing."

"When someone says a prayer for healing, the Spirit of the person whom you are praying for is responding to desires for healing.  The spirit is able to communicate with other Spirits.  What you may not be aware of is that when you are communicating with another spirit, that spirit is very aware of some other person is aware of them and praying over them.  For that reason the body will manifest better ways of being and healing."

"When people place hands upon a person they want healing for , we work directly with the energy of that person in order to transmit energies of wellness into that person, which than is placed on the person who is being healed. Praying with hands is effective because the manifestation can occur simultaneously, as the person you are praying for is with you.  For this reason, you are to know that when you place hands on someone, you are first to be clean and you are to place your hands in a direct relation to where the healing is wanted."

Father God, there are healers who actually see the area of the body that needs healing, before even the person knows.... how does this happen?

"These are the individuals with very acute senses for the physical human body, they are capable of sensing any vibrations that are not with the accordance of the universe and at times they are able to see the area of the body that is in need of healing. When I say see, I mean they are sensing this with their third eye, they are not seeing visually but they are seeing with their mind and they are able to than direct their focus into that region of the body.  Healing comes thru the vibrations of the body and soul.  There are many people who are closed to healing out of their own preference my dear child, you are to ask them if they want healing.  If they say they want healing than they open their souls for healing to occur.  Healing is on a soul level, not always on a body level."

25 March 2018

"What you have" Spirit communicated

Forgive me as I have not posted as often as I would like, however, when time allows and with my life obligations cared for I am trying to do my best, I thank you for visiting and reading my blog.  It may be something very different for you or maybe not, but my wisdom in Quotes are received during Trance Communication with and from Father God, as I like to call God.
 Many individuals around the world hear heavenly voices, and they are always loving, kind, thoughtful, encouraging and for humanity.  Below conversation had occurred on February 7th, 2018 and it was just life reflecting, etc...  Blessings to you and to your loved ones. 

Funny enough even after ten years of communication, I still often continue to ask Father God if he is there to begin my trance communication, I am convinced God must have good humor, because if someone asked me the same question for ten years, I'm not sure if I would cry or laugh.  However, maybe it is my signature and each time I receive the same response from Father God.  This is recorded, and I am putting the words as I spoke from it.  I will put Father God's words in Quotes so my readers can better separate my questions/feedback.


Father God, are you there?

"My child I am always here, you are to know that I am you and you are meI am you and you are me means, every single child on this earth is of my being, for this reason our Lord Jesus meant when he said "Love yourself as you love me, because you are me and I am you."

Father God this morning I was reflecting on the book A Course in Miracles written by Helen Schuchman, I had read this before but it is so amazing how she accumulated all this information from Jesus.  How did she keep all this in mind to be able to write this?  

"You are the same way as she was but she was more determined to get things that she required to get in order to be of service to mankind.  You are to know that your presence is very alike to hers, for my wisdom flows through you and every child who is willing to hear what I say".

"My children are of my being, when the lord Christ said " you are to love each other, he meant this as a way of metaphor to explain to you that" I am you," and I am you means that there is no encompassing differences between you and any other child but there are times when my children believe that there is a big difference among them according to what they gather and have on earth or what they do.  For this reason you are to know that each and every person on earth is similar to each other.  When my children separate each other according to what they accumulate on earth, this is only a temporary measurement to their own being.   For this reason you are to never believe what you have defines you.  What you have has been given to you temporarily in order to assimilate yourself back into society as you know.  What you have does not determine who you are, who you are is determined by my being.  For this reason when in life you get certain things to make your life more differentiated than others, you are to know that this is only a temporary measurement."

So often, and we all do this, but we tend to think what we have defines us.

"There is always a way to pretend you are different but each person is not any different than the other.  For what you see and what you have is only temporary things that you are surrounded by.  You take nothing with you, when you depart from your being on earth.  For this reason, you and others must never believe that what you have makes you any different.  Allow me to explain to you the purpose of all things that you gather on earth.  You gather things that are physical in order to make your lives more interesting and comfortable, but this does not mean you separate yourself from other people.  When you separate yourself from other people this is only the fault of your human mind speaking.  Your spirit knows very well, that nothing belongs to you.  Let me distinguish the difference between your human mind and your spirit mind, your human mind is delegating all things that are there for you to work on.  There are obstacles that are in your path of growth for this reason the human mind is one of them, the human mind will only let you live according to physical matters and sensations of the world.  The human mind is there to protect you but also to install obstacles in your path for you to overcome things.  For this reason, when you or anyone else is listening solely to the human mind, there is a greater obstacle you are setting up for yourself. Your spirit mind, your spirit is of my being and it knows very well what is most important for you. Your Spirit thinks more differently than your human mind, your spirit mind is of the heavenly sources.  The Spirit mind knows that you are nothing while on earth.  You obtain nothing, you seek nothing and you accumulate nothing for this reason you are to know that the human mind and the spirit mind are two different levels of being.  

What happens when a person focuses totally on things they accumulate only?

"When a child of mine focuses only things that are needed on earth, than the spirit of the person is in a  shell of its own, for the spirit is not utilized and used  in order to make detrimental growth; for the things that matter to you is not visible to the human eye.  For this reason, you and others are to believe that all things are a temporary measurement of what is only given to you while you are there.  While you are there you are to also focus on spiritual gains, spiritual gains is only possible through the recognition of the holy spirit within you.  You are to know that my spirit within you is a product of my own being, but there are levels of my own being also.  For this reason, when a person reaches different levels of being to seek and to find me than this experience will allow them to grow on a soul level.  Let the children of God know that there is a level of distinguished layers that are within you that you must seek and find in order to be cognizant of my being within you that You are Me and that I am You.  When there is a great desire within a person to know, we will come to the side of that person.  You are to know that when you seeked my presence within you, you were allowed to know that I am you and You are me.  We are aware of those souls who are prepared to acknowledge our being, for this reason we can than enchant your soul with our souls in order for you to know better.  My child, you are to believe that all things according to God's laws are to occur on earth, for you see I am the master of this universe.  You are me and I am you, but I am the greater part of you.  You are your blessed self, because I am the blessing for your being."

Father God, do you ever judge us?  

"I am not the judge of you, I am the provider of you.  I am not the judge of you for you are to be the judge of yourself.  Your own self is to be judged by you in order for you to grow from this judgment.  Judgment is not a bad thing, judgment is a healthy thing, for without judgment you are to not know what is right or wrong.  You are to judge your own self,  for your own spirit to gain something out of it." 

"You are me and I am you, for this reason you are to be never afraid of anything.  Let my love over encompass your being for my love surrounds you always.  Heaven is within you, heaven is you, heaven is your being."

"Let the heavens shower you with love and compassion.  Let my children know that I am their heavenly father.".  

02 June 2016

Ancestors (Spirit Communicated)


As you may be aware, this is Trance communication with Spirit/God.  Welcome, During this conversations I had inquired about ancestors, I especially wanted to know about my own people but I was given more of a general overview of ancestors.

"For you see, Nothing is as your eyes see, what you see is only temporary elements of who you are within one life.  Life has many windows, and thru these windows there is an opening to your own soul that connects all of them to your being.  When you ask me about Ancestors, you have many, many thousands of ancestors, but you are only aware of a certain line of them.  For your ancestors came all the way from the Garden of Eden.  They were your ancestors, multiplication of two beings eventually and over thousands of years have accumulated to the being of each and every soul on your earth.

 Therefore, your ancestors are all mixed and blended.  For this reason you shall love your brother.  Your ancestors were all within the same lines of humanity.  When you separate yourself from others, you separate yourself from your ancestors.  The human soul has traveled in great lengths of time, this soul that your mind and body interpretes as you is a magnificent instrument for you are allowed to only know and to only remember a certain aspect of your being.  You recall only what you are capable of recalling, therefore when you say ancestors look around you,  all the souls that surround you are your ancestral lines.

You are to love your brother as your own self, for when you truly love others like your own self, you are capable of seeing the reality of what your soul is.  For your soul is not separate from others, for your soul has never been separate from others.  You have awakened to this concept of being, to the concept of soul's union to my own self.  You are to know that you are me and I am you.  You are to know that I am the source of you, you have never been separated from me but there are times when you thought this way.  For this reason you are to know and believe all good things on earth shall come upon those who believe in the words of my magnificence.  You are to know that the soul is what makes you connected to me, your soul is of my origin.  Your body originates from the earth, the soil beneath your feet .

Your ancestors of near distances is the ancestors you can recall, because they are the ones whom you have heard of ,seen or have some clear consciousness about.  You are to know your ancestors are of thousands.  There are reasons for all things my dear child you see, there are people who claim to be this or that, however, within their own self they really don't know.  You may have been a part of other religions in other lives, they may have been from other cultures in other lives.  They realize this but they take it as a coincidence of their memory.  There are times when your soul feels familiar with certain things, that is because that familiarity you are sensing was the reality in another life.

  For this reason Judge not, be not and love the mankind as your own self.  Love yourself and love others.  There was a time when I spoke with you, during the time when we met, I spoke to you about love, loving yourself and loving others.  For everything in your experience on earth comes down to this principle, Loving yourself means Loving others. Loving others will only mean loving your own self.  Let there be peace among the children of earth, let there be peace among the children of my source.  My source is their being, let this source in hallow thy name be your guidance."


08 May 2016

Death Process (Spirit Communicated)

I have been working at an in-patient Hospice unit last couple of months.  It has been very humbling and rewarding work being there.  I have observed of course Grief, but also a lot of love and compassion in people while there.  I am grateful for the experience and reflection it has provided me.  I have a lot of respect for true Hospice work, philosophy, and services.  Now,  I have been hearing that few of our patients experience seeing "buses, trains, etc.",  and so during this conversation I was inquiring about such experiences.  Below I will write the exact words that I was given and heard.  I write these down, as I am wishing it will be helpful to others also. Blessings. *

"working with loving people who are in the process of dying, I realize that there are certain things that the body and mind goes through, quite a few people are talking about seeing buses, trains, etc.. and hearing such words as "it's not my time yet", etc.. Can you please give me some insight...

" My dear child, you are hearing exactly what they are hearing, for it is not their time yet. The time of Spirit's leaving must also coincide with shutting down of the physical body. When the physical body is depleted of its own energy source than the Spirit will be able to take over.  The Spirit cannot fully take over if the person's physical body is lingering and functioning, for this reason when a soul is told "it is not time yet", it is because of this.  Because the body is not at the point of fully shutting down."

"Why do they see buses, trains, or like the other day one daughter was saying her father was seeing a school bus"

"The things that they imagine are those things they are sensing on a Spirit level, for the Spirit is allowing the body to feel these instruments of transportation in order to allow the person to know that they are going to go on a journey, and this journey is portrayed as a way of transportation.  On earth transportation takes you from point A to point B, so it is familiar to one's senses and for this reason a person is allowed to think and to see a mode of transportation to allow them and for them to feel that they are in the process of taking a journey.".

"Does all people feel this?"

"No my dear child, every soul has their own need, and every soul will feel what is appropriate for them.  There are souls that are less ready to leave on this journey, and they are the ones usually experiencing an illusion of a bus or a train or even an airplane.  They are the ones who are being made comfortable, an effort is being made on their behalf to show them they are about to take a journey."

"Are there any other things they are shown Father God?"

"Yes,there are many many times when their loving spirit friends, and family who welcome them back home.  They appear and reappear occasionally while in this transitioning time.  They appear and reappear as to not scare them, and not to constantly occupy their thoughts, for they are in the threshold of what is heaven and what is earth.  They are given the time and the faculties to feel all the earthly love that surrounds them and to close up ends but at the same time their heavenly guides are welcoming them in order for them to eliminate any fears they have. For this reason, they appear and reappear, in order to slowly adjust them and to allow them to be comfortable in order for them to come into their Spirit forms."

"Father God, in the past I have heard, not too often, that some people see scary or negative things, what is that about "?

"My dear child, that is absolutely created from the fear that is generated from one's own self.  That person needs to reflect on their fears, for their fears are allowing them to experience this kind of negative illusion.  The human fear can be a crippling effort to positive transitioning.  There are times when some of my children, if they have not lived a fruitful life, they feel that they will be punished or sent to bad places that are not even real but they have learnt of these things while on earth and from others.  For this reason the mind is projecting these negative events in order to feed on to the fear that they are projecting. When a person is talking about a negative illusion they are sensing, you can ask them what their fears are? what their fears are about the after life and what their fears were during while they lived.  If they held onto a lot of fears while they were living, than they carry these fears to the point of the transition.  You can ask them to let go of the fears, you can ask them to talk about their fears, you can ask the Holy Spirit to eliminate these fears, for these fears are created by the mind of the person solely."

"Father God, at times I feel bad that the patients loved ones feel that the Person is suffering, when they are in a non-responsive state for days, and at times out of love they say "I wish he/she would just pass away".. but they are saying this out of love, thinking their loved ones are suffering... "

"There are not reasons for anyone to worry about the suffering of a loved one, for the body is not fully functioning but the Spirit is fully functioning. So, the Spirit and the body has to get accustomed to Spirit life, and this is a process also.  It is a process to get adjusted to living back as a Spirit.  When people are having a difficult time seeing their loved one, and they are interpreting this as a suffering for their loved one, you are to let them know that the Spirit and the body has a time of agreement when both shall separate from each other.  The Spirit is the heavenly source, heavenly aspect of you and for this reason it will be delegating for what the body must do.  The body will eventually subside and also depart.  At that time the Spirit will make its journey".

"The Spirit is a greater part of you, that enlivens the physical part of you. When the Spirit and body come to that point when they can make that positive transitions, they will know and will release the body from its functioning.  Let them know that the person is not suffering but only preparing for their journey home."  *


13 June 2015

God - Magnificence of God ( Spirit Communicated)

Magnificence of Father God

During this conversation, I asked Father God to talk to me about his being. ( please forgive me, I say "his" but it is only my mind's way of thinking). This conversation is done via Trance communication. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

"My Dear child,  my magnificence as you say is not comprehensible by your human mind.  For your mind has deficits understanding what is infinite and for this reason I cannot fully tell you of my magnificence.  However, allow me to try to explain to you my being.  My being is the reason for your existence, my being is the reason for the existence of all life form on your planet, my being is the reason for the existence of the night time, my being is the existence of the Light, my being is the existence of all living forms on your planet."

"Now you ask me how is this possible? Don't look at anything as if its possible or not, just let be.  You will not be able to understand how this is possible.  Infinity is endless and I am endless.  I was the great force on your earth who created the world, my force is not explainable.  However, one thing I can say is that I love everything that I have created and through this love everything manages its own self.  The word you use "Love" is the word that is used to describe my being also for when everything that is created has been created out of a desire, than this is the explanation  and the description for Love.  Love is the force that creates heavens, love is the force that creates all beings, love is the force that encourages everything to grow." 

"When you look at the vast Ocean my dear child, you are looking at something that seems endless.  How can you explain to me the end of the Ocean.Your mind is only capable of seeing what is in front of it.  You cannot see the waters in the Indian Ocean as you look upon the Pacific Ocean.  For this reason you are to know that I am the source of that endlessness, that you cannot describe.  However, for the sake of this conversation, if you want to understand me better you can do this by reflecting on all life form on earth.  When you reflect on all life form, you observing my being.  For the life form on earth would not be possible without my energy.  You can reflect on this, recognize this in many ways and forms.  One of them is through meditation, meditation allows you to feel what is endless. And even in meditation, you will not be able to grasp this concept for meditation will only allow you to go into higher forms as you are capable of in your own worldly mind and body.  Your Spirit knows this well, your spirit if the form part of you that knows this very well.  However, your Spirit is the silence within you.  Your Spirit recognizes and knows all things. But, it is there only to guide you through your Soul.  The Spirit that is within you, belongs to me.  I am that part of you.  This is how we communicate with you, through allowing your Spirit to surpass the levels of being and existence in order for us to explain to you."

"And for this reason my dear child, if you really want to understand me, you will first need to understand yourself.  This is the desire and the reason why many of you, like yourself had the desire to look further to look into deep levels of your own Soul. As you want to understand me, you also want to understand yourself.  When you understand yourself, than you will have an awakening, an awakening of Spirit within you.  When you have this awakening than you will be able to tap into some levels of the Spirit world but it is not always possible when you are in human form to dwell into deeper levels of Spirit world.  For it is allowed for you to experience certain things in order for it to serve you and the life form around you.  But, you and no other person can fully know what is the true Spirit world until you return back home to be with us.  Than you will realize, than you will know, than you will be fully awakened to who you are and how we exist my dear child."

"There are people like you, who are trying to figure out the purpose of your being, there are people who want to reach and communicate with Spirits, there are people who are more advanced on a soul level who are trying to figure out ways of expansion. My children will advance more and more with every generation that will live on earth and exist.  They will advance more in Spirit and in Spiritual ways, not always in physical ways.  There will come a day on your planet where the human body will no longer exist, the human body is only a vessel and we do not need a human body to live.  There will come a day on your planet when people without realizing and noticing that they have made so much damage on your earth, that there will be no reason for the human body to exist on earth.  The earth shall replenish itself and through this replenishment the human spirits will live there but not in the human form.  For this reason, you are to know and share with all people that eventually the planet you reside on will not be here, however, the timing of that will solely depend on the people.  Destruction that is being done on a physical level on earth is not going to allow the human form to exist there for there will be greater illness and sickness and diseases due to the chemicals and other destructive ways of living will not allow the human body to exist on earth.  This may be in 5,000 years, this maybe in 50,000 years.  However, what you need  to know is that time is only in the mind for my planet has been around for much longer than that and that period of time is not very long my dear child."

"The spirits that are your brothers and sisters, as you call them, are always trying to help the people on earth.  Their love is also great for you, they have been there and they would like to return to be there again, they feel compassion for earth for it is a place of physical growth that can be used for your physical form."

"Now, as we go back to your initial question.  if you understand me, you will understand yourself. When you have a desire to know and understand me, that is your way of trying to understand your own self.  For this reason, you are to not limit your mind to anything, for when your mind is limited your outlook will be limited.  You are to expand your mind, your soul while you are there.  And you are to help others to expand themselves."

Thank you Father God. 

19 March 2015

Communication With God ( Spirit Communicated)

This short conversation took place on March 19, 2015.  I asked Father God about conversation with him.

Father God, I do believe in my heart and from what I know, once upon a time people always knew they had direct communication with you, but now most people cannot even comprehend talking with God or other Heavenly Beings and have hard time believing.   Can you talk to me a bit about the history of when people used to talk with you and how they came about the way they are now.

"My Dear Child, good glorious morning to you.  What you are asking me is all about Humanities. Humanity is a subject field very important to discuss. For Humanity makes everything viable in all of its glorious existence.  You asked me why people stopped communicating with me?"

Yes Father God, why people stopped communicating with you and even they doubt that its even possible to communicate with you.

"My dear child, what has happened is the existence of the humanity.  These things that you are describing to me were projected ahead of time by ourselves.  We knew there will come a day when people will forget who they are, forget where they are from,  forget who is the source of their creation.  These things were already taken into account my dear child. Because it was predictable that after many thousands of years that a being would start changing its own environment.  My children, at first were all in contact with myself.  For they knew me as their heavenly Father, they still know me as their Heavenly Father, but they use this as a figurative speech.  I made it clear that I would always be a source of love in your lives, for all of my children, no matter how or why they forget their own beings and the ways of life."


"The major area where my children were prevented from talking to me directly was from the times of the establishments of churches, temples and other worship places.  For these worship places blocked their access to me by their words they used.  For the word is a sword, for the word is powerful.  During this time my children were asked to come to the holy man to talk to me, they felt that they could not approach me themselves.  They listened and they believed the tales of these supposedly holy people
and thats when they bit into the apple as you say.  At that time, with those words they bit into the apple for they forgot who they are, they forgot to acknowledge why they are the way they are and how they can worship and acknowledge my being."

"During these times my children did remember me but they felt as though their relationship with me was about Fear, for they were installed fear into their being and during that time they began to fear me.  They have no reason to fear me, but they believe the words of the people who tell them that God is a God of vengeance, a god of judgment, god of anger and jealousy.  These are the qualities that I have never experienced, these are the qualities that I don't have and these are the qualities that belong to simple humans, for they are the ones who have attached these qualities to their Creator."

"My dear child during the times when the churches and the temples were risen, that's when most of my children began to fear me.  For these places encouraged people's fear, in order to control them , in order to control their financial situations, their lives and political status.even during the old times and now in more modern times."

I see Father God.  I feel that , and maybe it is due to my own spiritual awakening 9 years ago...but, I feel that people are returning to the ways they used to be, talking with you, talking with spirits, talking with Angels and other heavenly sources. 

"My dear child, what you are talking about is an awakening.  An awakening is a necessary part of a human life because when times are dire, when times are difficult, or dangerous,  a mass awakening will occur.  Mass Awakening is like a wave in your Oceans, the ocean is still present but the wave is being created in order to create a movement. So, this mass awakening is very real, yes.  It started towards the latter part of 2011 and it shall continue until 2022, this awakening is a necessity as the people of earth are not being cognizant of the dangers that are being subjected to them.  This awakening was a necessity, because the people of earth are not alert to the dangers they are exposed to at this time in their lives.  It is very detrimental to their being , because they will suffer the consequences of this if they are not more productive and taking measures to stop the destruction that is being done on Earth.  For this reason my dear child, you are seeing an awakening and this is a necessity for my children on earth as earth is suffering in its own momentum.  For this reason, this awakening had been put in during this time, as these things were also measured in advance or as we could say predicted.  The human spirit has to overcome the darkness present on your earth.  For this darkness is what is going to be the destruction of humanity, if it is not cared for.  There were few occasions in my creation where I had allowed some elements of life to be effected if the people of planet earth does not take necessary precautions and this is another.  The next one that is to come will be in the next 35 years during which time the interplanetary galactical stars will also be a host among this. " (I was truly a bit confused as these are not words familiar to my vocabulary and I did not know if they even made sense,  even in grammar, but I have decided to write it like I heard )

Wow, that kind of went over my head Father God, forgive me.  But, I do understand what you explained to me.  Basically, this is one of those events that people have to rise and do something about it, right?

"Yes, my dear child...What you understood is plenty enough.  People's existence depends on people's decisions. "

I see father god. 

03 February 2015

Accepting Changes (spirit communicated)

This is from a reflection with Father God on Changes. For this conversation I was reflecting on changes at work, and my own discomfort with seeing my coworkers suffer due to unpredictable job conditions. Although, it did not effect me personally, at present,  I was feeling a bit down for my co-workers, who were effected. I usually never ask to speak about small matters that are in an ordinary day, but I did on this topic and this is what I was told. just prior to recording the below, I had told Father God that change and events were effecting my moods, etc. (please excuse my grammatical errors, I am writing as it was recorded) Thank you for visiting.  ---

Father God, how can we best handle change in our lives?

"My dear child you were asking me earlier about the changes in your work and your own mood and energy changing to these changes, what you need to reflect on is ...what has made you choose to change your own reality? When you answer this question what would you say?"

I guess I was comfortable with the environment I was at so therefore I didn't want anything to change.

"Yes, my dear child, this is the absolute truth.  You were comfortable with how old things were, so you didn't want the changes. Therefore when things do change, you are not comfortable and/or happy about it so therefor you blame the change itself.  But, the change itself is not causing your happiness or sadness, but you are the cause of it by your sheer projection and perception.  What you are perceiving is not real so therefore you are projecting your own ideas and images about this so therefore you are the one who needs to examine your own projection."

For example in my case Father God, our therapists were cut down so our groups were cut down from 4 to 3.

"My dear child, what you are doing is that you are projecting the idea of being overwhelmed into your view.  So, therefore the idea and the thought of being overwhelmed is making you feel apprehensive.  When you feel apprehensive, you are going against your own happiness.  For this reason, in order for things to get back to its own possible and best ways, what you can do my dear child is go with the flow of the energy.  Go with the flow of the energy means, Do not resist. When you resist , you create unhappiness, when you create unhappiness it makes a domino effect.  It effects all other things for them also and it seems as though things are going wrong.  But, in reality nothing is going wrong.  Its just your own perception that is making you feel this way.  For this reason my dear child, what you can do is be positive.  Be positive in your thoughts and ask your self what is making you feel this way.  When you know this, than change those thought patterns that are not working, that are faulty.  Than you can change all things around you."

Is that a Universal Law Father God?

"Yes my dear child, this is one of many Universal Laws because what you think of is and what will be true  in your perception and your perception than will create your reality. As in the case of what you are saying to me "I don't want this to happen", than what you can do is Stop thinking about it, because your thoughts are creating what you don't want to happen.  So, think about all future possibilities, think about all future positive good things and than you create more possible outcomes and more solutions to what you do want."

So, what I need to do is think positive

"Yes my dear child, what you need to do is remember how good it felt before and think of more of those feelings, and those feelings will create more of those feelings.  Do not think of negative things, do not think of lack of, do not think of anything that is not within the norm of what you want to create. What you want to create is more positivity and more things, So, if you want to create something more what do you have to do? You have to think more of that. 


29 January 2015

Jesus (spirit communicated)

One evening I asked Father God how we can be like Jesus.  This is typed from my recorded trance meditation with spirit. ( As always Father God's words that were presented to me is in "quotes").  Please keep in mind that when Spirits are talking through people, they utilize that person's collective vocabulary, mine are humble.   Thank you for visiting.
Father God, how can we all become like Jesus?

"My dear, dear child, you are asking me a question that is hard to answer.  For to be like Jesus, you have to let go of all your earthly senses.  To be like Jesus, you have to let go of all of your any withheld emotions and feelings.  You have to let go of any negative thoughts.  To be like Jesus is not possible for my children on earth, for if it was possible-the earth would be more in harmony and peace.  However, if you want to emulate and to work towards like being Jesus than what you can do is love each and every person around you and love them regardless of who they are, love them regardless of what they do, love them regardless of what they have or don't have, love them unconditionally.  For to be like Jesus is to be like God.  When Jesus was on earth, he was also in Human form just as you, however Jesus was assigned a task in order to prove love, healing and grace on earth.  Jesus was always and forever the Soul Spirit of your Father God on earth.  For this reason, you are to respect, obey and love Jesus.  For Jesus was the son of God."

But Father God, aren't we all the Sons of God?

"My dear child, you are. However, Jesus was the Son of God as the way God presents himself to you today.  Jesus was emanating God's love through his body, through his mind and through his thoughts.  And for this reason, it would be difficult for any of my children to be like Jesus because Jesus was always in a state of perfection.  Jesus, was always in a state of perfection.  For his Father is perfect and so was he."

I always thought Father God, I always say that we are also perfect.?

"Yes, my dear child I am aware of you using this figuratively, however, if you were perfect you would not have made any mistakes, you would not have broken any hearts, you would not have said anything that you later regret. And for this reason the perfection that you are talking about is on an earthly sense, because you want to work towards perfection while you are on earth.  You are not to misunderstand me and conclude from our conversation that I am saying you are not perfect, that is not what I am saying.  But, what I am saying is that you are perfect in your own way my dear child.  Every child is perfect in their own way.  You don't have to be like any other child, and any other child does not have to be like you.  But, you are all in a state of perfection and grace.  Jesus was perfection in the sense of your God's perfection, for he never broke of any of my commandments that I have passed on to Moses, for he never assaulted any being on earth, for he never damaged anything that I created.  So, your brother Jesus was the state of perfection of your Holy Father.  For this reason, you are to look up to him, you are to love him and you are to respect him and you are to also pray to him as he was God on earth."

I thank you Father God.

"My dear child, I thank you for asking me how to be like Jesus. I bless you with the love of Jesus to surround you each and everyday of your life.  For your brother Jesus loves you and I also love you."


02 January 2015

Group Homes - for a loved one

Group Homes for Mentally Ill loved ones ( I like to write this as a public service for families who are looking into group homes for a loved family member)

Mentally Challenged and Group Home Living

There are times when a group home living may need to be considered for a loved family member.   In many states there may be no regulations for these group homes, for this reason it is very important for the family to check them out carefully.  It is also advisable to visit your loved one regularly once they are living there.  Often the mentally ill individuals and seniors are not heard or believed, but if you trust your loved one than do listen to them.  So, they are not ill treated or neglected.  These are some areas of interest that I encourage families to look at and to check on before placing a loved one into a group home living, as a last resort if Family cannot take care of the loved one. (Please, go visit them first. I have worked with many patients who live or lived in group homes, and some of them are just awful, abusive and should not be open as a business. Many are just collecting people's money and/or Social Security checks) BE AWARE: Psychiatric Hospitals refer people to group homes, but they have no back ground information on these homes, and they have never even visited them) DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, VISITS, AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE REGISTERED. Call Dept. of Health and Human Services and ask how you would know if they are registered. I have seen many group home owners who put their names on papers for Power of Attorney, Payee, Legal Guardian, etc.. be aware with what you are signing .

1.     How many individuals live at this Group home? 
2.     Will they be sharing a bedroom and if so with how many people?

3.     Are there therapeutic activities or trips.  ( many group homes will say they do this however they fall short of delivering such activities ).

4.     What is the monthly cost?  ( ask for this on written paper)

5.     Will they be providing 3 meals per day?

6.     Can an individual go for daily walks alone?

7.     Is there a telephone to be used freely by all residents? ( many group homes block phone use).
8.    Who are the caretakers and do they have a criminal check done on them?

9.     Is the neighborhood safe to take walks at?
10.   Will the medications be dispensed by someone, and locked up?

11.   Can the family visit anytime and without a warning? (many group homes will put up a for family)
12.   Is there illegal drug use or alcohol use by any of the other residents?

13.   Do they follow up with and provide transportation for medical needs?
14.   Can we meet the caretakers that work here? ( usually owners  hires low paid workers) 

15.  (Go online and check out their names, and see if there are any complaints, police reports, are they registered with city/state? etc.

16.  They make promises on their advertisement, or in person about their services but ask about them
These are some questions to be asked, and you may ask your own personal questions also.  There are no stupid questions, so ask and don’t be shy.  Most important thing to remember is “don’t place a loved one into a group home, and rarely visit them”. So often they are very lonely and feel abandoned by their families.  Remember that a group home is just a business, and can never take the place of a family.  Also, if possible choose a group home in the same city in order to take your loved one on outings and holidays, and to see them more often.

13 December 2014

Life Contracts - a story ( spirit communicated)

Life is mysterious, nothing is as our eyes see it.  All things and all people serve a purpose, sometimes for their own soul's growth and sometimes for the growth of another's soul.  Below is an example of how a Spirit can serve another Spirit, ultimately reincarnating to help another being.  There are so many ways how Spirits go about learning and teaching, sometimes we are blind to know who is the teacher and who is the student.  The quiet dance we are a part of while we are here on earth. Blessings. 

"My Dear Brother,

We departed together from heaven.  We made an understanding and a Love  contract for and with each other .  We said we would remember each other, We than went our separate ways.
You lived in a loving home where you had everything you needed.  You had plenty of food, clothes and shelter.  I lived in a home with only a mother who could barely put food on table, so i had to run the streets making ends meet.  Eventually, i could not do this any longer and became so depressed i wanted to leave earth.

But they saved me, and brought me to see you.   You barely looked at me, you were my doctor and i was your patient.  You did not even ask me how i was doing or when i ate last.  You gave me a prescription instead, thank you for this.  The next 5 years you saw me every month for 5 minutes.  Until one day i was off your list.  And i returned home having fulfilled my part of the love contract.

When we met again, we were happy to see each other.  You asked me how was my experience, i told you my brother i was the black man you treated and saw every month.  You did not believe me until you had reviewed your life.  You see in our contract i had vowed to help you in that life, so i became your patient and you were my doctor.  I was supposed to teach you  to have compassion and love, and lived this life  just for you.  Because i love you. But my dear friend you forgot your role, and forgot what you came to earth to do.

I tried to help you by telling you kind words, but you were so busy that my Words never entered your being.  I love you and will help you again, but promise me you will remember to love me and treat me with compassion.  I suffered so you could have a patient to treat but you could not see this.  I was your teacher and you were my student, but i could not teach you for you could not even see me.  I love you."

07 December 2014

Capital Punishment-Execution (spirit communicated)

On the morning I pondered upon this topic, I was hearing about a possible execution of a Mentally Ill man in Texas.  So, I decided to bring up this topic to Father God and to get his point of view on this controversial topic.  Personally, I was expecting a "good"or"bad" idea answer but this wasn't what I was given. These are written from my recorded message and the wisdom that I was given by Father God, so I would like to share this today with you.  This conversation took place on December 1, 2014.  Thank you for sharing this and I pray it will give all of us another way of looking at this topic one day in our societies.  Blessings. ( I place Father God's messages in Parenthesis, my thoughts and words are in Italic, in order to make it easier for the reader to know his wisdom ). 


This morning as I was driving to work I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the death penalty.  I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the death penalty

"My Dear, dear child you are asking me about the laws of the land.  The laws of the land are very different from the laws of my  creation.  The laws of my creation is to treat each being humanely and with love only.  The laws of the land is not to persecute someone but also to prevent this person from doing such harm again.  And for this reason they execute the people who are in the harms way of repeating such offenses again.  Execution means "stopping the body of the human being from living in order to prevent any further injustice on your planet.  Execution of a person does not mean cindering the soul of a person.  When you execute someone, they cease to be in physical body but what they are lacking knowing that this spirit is forever and eternally on earth for the spirit does not flow in the events of what is natural for it to do.  When you execute someone, this spirit is forever bound on your earth.  When the spirit is forever bound on your earth, it only amplifies further mass destruction.  When a Spirit is put down by people than the spirit is not free to be.  For this reason, I would not want anyone executed for the spirit will not be following the natural order of death.  Natural order of death means to die alone with your own self but with witness' and when the witness' are around you, that means it was a full lived life.   I understand the reasons behind the laws of the land that the people of your universe is setting, but as I said, when a human is executed the spirit of that being is not received by my laws.  And for this reason, this spirit has become stuck on a physical level for they do not want to leave the physical earth plane but they are also not crossing to this side of our existence.  For this reason it is advisable and best to allow a spirit to live out it's natural form of life and to die in peace alone.  For this reason execution is not a solution to ridding evil because you cannot rid of evil by committing the further offences of being evil.  When someone does something so bad on your planet, than this person should be executed eventually but it should be done by own my courts here in Heaven.  When I say executed  I mean that the person will be judged in accordance with the destruction they committed and therefor proper procedures will be followed in order for this soul to extinguish itself."

I understand Father God, so it is not to say the Laws of the Land are wrong but it is just not proper way of going about it.

"Yes, my dear child.  This is exactly what I mean.  The laws of the land is to be followed, however, when it comes to extinguishing a spirit from your earth it should be done properly and eventually it will be dealt with our own courts and ways.  When people take on justice such as this in their own hand, it is not the proper way of taking care of such measures in order to eliminate such things further.  When people are executed by other people, that soul will be stuck on your plane."

So, what happens when that soul is stuck or stays on this plane?

"When a soul stays behind there on earth, it has the potential to multiply by itself or divide itself among the energy level of the people who are vulnerable to negativity and therefor this negative energy will multiply in its own way by effecting the energies around it.  For this reason death penalty is not recommended for it doesn't serve any greater or higher purpose.You don't want to further re-infest the negativity of such beings' presence.  The laws of your land was set by your ancestors, but the laws of the land can and will be changed by people's own cognizance eventually when these spirits eliminate themselves.  That is the natural way of eliminating negativity."

Father God , thank you for that view that you provided me.  Your view was interesting.

"My dear child, you are to think of more positive ways of interacting with me.  Don't focus on negativity, for negativity multiplies itself also.  The laws of the land on your earth can be re-written by its people when the time is right for it to be re-written.  For this reason, when you question the laws of the is not the laws of the universe.  The laws of the land are only serving humans on earth, the laws of the land were written by people and they will be extinguished by people also.  The laws of the Universe were written by myself and they serve a greater purpose for your civilization than the laws of the land.  The laws of the land will end with the laws of the people who have written these laws for they are only temporary, as you also see this in your societies."

Thank you. 

30 November 2014

"I am me" by Virginia Satir


I am me

In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me

Everything that comes out of me is authentically me

Because I alone chose it – I own everything about me

My body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions,

Whether they be to others or to myself – I own my fantasies,

My dreams, my hopes, my fears – I own all my triumphs and

Successes, all my failures and mistakes Because I own all of

Me, I can become intimately acquainted with me – by so doing

I can love me and be friendly with me in all my parts – I know

There are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other

Aspects that I do not know – but as long as I am

Friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously

And hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles

And for ways to find out more about me – However I

Look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever

I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically

Me – If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought

And felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is

Unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that

Which I discarded – I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do

I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be

Productive to make sense and order out of the world of

People and things outside of me – I own me, and

therefore I can engineer me – I am me and

I AM OKAY     
                                               -Virginia Satir

15 November 2014

"Do you remember who you are" ( spirit communicated)



I heard a beautiful poem in my mind and recorded these words, I think these words are not just for me but for all loving children of God.  Enjoy, it is for you also.

"Do you remember who you are....?
Do you remember who you are?
Do you remember the flowers I used to place on your head?
Do you remember who you are....?
Do you remember my gentle whispers in your ears? Do you remember my gentle touches? Do you remember my gentle love?
 Do you remember who you are....?
I am you , you are me. 
 Do you remember who you are?
Do you remember me....?
I am you, you are me?
I am the breath you take,
I am the flower you smell,
I am the butterfly you see,
 I am.
I am the sun you see,
I am the glow of the moon,
I am you, you are me. 
I am the breath you take. 
Do you remember me....?
I make the winds blow. 
I move the clouds for you. 
 I shine the sun for you. 
 Do you remember me....?
I am the water you thirst for,
I am the food you hunger for,
Do you remember me....?
I am the beauty of your majestic mountains,
I am the love you feel,
Do you remember me....?
I am the birds that soar into heavens,
I am.
                        -Father God

18 October 2014

Fighting Among Children of God (Spirit communicated)

A beautiful day to my Reader.  Thank you for sharing this message with me, I had asked Father God about his views on the fighting going on between different people around the world, as this truly also breaks my heart.  And below you will find the kind words that were given to me, that I had recorded and wrote down to share later.  This conversation took place on October 1, 2014 at about 8:10 a.m.  Many blessings to you, may your hearts and souls be surrounded with happiness and Peace.  And, most of all share that happiness and love with people around you.  Thank you for reading my blog.


""today I am going to explain to you the way the world came about, the way I have given my words to people at different generational times and values.  For this reason there will be some lecturing about this principle.

when my children of other beliefs and religions try to claim me as their sole word, they are only doing this because of their own egotistical reasons.  I cannot be contained in any one word, but I can be contained in all words and in all people.  All people who follow my words are trying to claim myself on behalf of their own needs and goods, for this reason people will never find harmony because the leaders that rise among them will try to claim me solely for their purpose.  Their leaders are the ones who are confused, for this reason their confusion is confusing the masses of people who would like to worship my being.  My son Jesus was and is a very profound soul, he came during a very difficult time to deliver the words of his heavenly father to his sisters and to his brothers.  But, even during that time people were not able to listen to his words.  Because, there was much to be lost if they believed him.  For this reason , they dwelt on his being and destroyed his physical properties and being.  But, destroying someone does not mean destroying their being to different levels.  You cannot destroy me.  My son is me, for this reason you could not and cannot destroy an indestructible being.  My children of the Moslem faith are also my children, but their views are to serve their way of  being and wanting to live.  Their way of being is defined by their own cultural norms that they have set up in the regions of their lives.  For this reason when people try to claim me as the sole right way of believing or being, they are not claiming me per se but they are trying to claim me to serve their own needs.   Children, children listen to me.... " I am in no word, I am in no being that is trying to separate you from others.  I am in each person, I am not in any one book, but all books are within me.  I am the last word and I am the beginning.  I don't recognize any being that is trying to separate all beings from each other.  I am the creator of this Universe but I am not the creator of all those people who are destroying what I have created.  Their way of being and their choices that they have made will also be determined at the end of their life.  The way to live according to my Universe is the way of Peace, not violence.  I am responsible to all of my children who are carrying my words that I have given throughout the many centuries on earth and in Heaven.  I am their creator, I am their Heavenly Father, I am their Solace, I am their Heavenly Guide.""

Father God their are so many people , that are,  so many children who are so closed off to other people that are different from them, whether its different religion or different people....

""I am the creator of all beings, I have given different messages throughout different centuries for  my children, for their needs were greater or different, but this does not  disclose separating themselves from others.  The way to worship me is to worship each other, the way to worship me is to love each other, is to respect each other.  When you are living according to my laws , this is  way how you should be worshipping, not by separating or by killing or by being violent towards other beings on this earth. I love all of my children, I am the Heavenly source, the source of their source..  Their being is dependent upon my being.  I am the first and the last word they will know.""



27 July 2014

Relationships (spirit communicated)


A question I asked Father God was ,  "What is the purpose of relationships?", the response I had was.  "Relationships will magnify your faults". 

A heavenly creator who has the ability to create heavens and earth, has/had the ability to create our human bodies to multiply by themselves. However, it was designed so we have a relationship with another person, (another spirit on earth who is also learning just like us, we call them wife, husband, partner, lover, etc.)  .. to live with another person, to get along with another person, learn to talk with another person, learn to negotiate with another person, to forgive and be forgiven with and by another person in order to learn from each other. 

When we are in relationships, there will be times of happiness, sadness, agreements, disagreements, and more...and through all that we can grow in spirit with the help of the other person or we can choose to just walk away at times of hardship.  Times we have grown the most on a soul level  and realized many of our own strengths and weakness' were during times of greater stress, which will make us confront our own selves and issues.

 We have a choice we can blame the other person, or we can blame our selves or the third way is to ask why am I feeling this way? or what can I learn from this difficulty I am experiencing.  However, at this time we have to be objective, and look at our own selves from a realistic perspective, not using many denial mechanisms to preserve our human Egos that makes us RIGHT.   Experiencing difficulties can show us our own discomforts about our own selves , but we are "just" simply projecting them to the people across from us, the other person. 

It has become so easy in our societies to just "get divorced", however, there is so much to be gained from working out issues that are troubling our relationships, it may not always be the other person but if you allow and accept it may just show you what you need to work on.   ( If it is painful than get the help of a gentle counselor to just listen to you express your feelings and set them free.)  Two people come into a relationship with individual baggages and everyone has their own issues, when we open the bags the items may not always match but the contrast and the differences can offer us something new to learn from, like new ways of thinking, being and acting. 

So many people who are married and divorced make the same exact mistakes causing further break ups, it wasn't the people ...but it was our ownselves that was the issue, but we  look at others as the problem or to solve our problems and issues for us.  Our partners will REFLECT our ownselves back to us, if something is bothering us we can ask "What is it about the situation/behavior/event that is bothering me?".. And if you are honest to your own self, you will know exactly what it is.  Maybe old feelings, maybe old relationship issues, childhood traumas, maybe personal insecurities, etc...

  "Ask and you shall find".  But, you have to be able to ask yourself and find the answers deep within yourself also.  It is there, it may be a bit buried but it is there.  The sooner you can dig and find, the sooner you will have more peace and peaceful relationships, not just with your partner but with everyone you will encounter on your journey of what we call LIFE.

This can be applied to all relationships, not just our wives, husbands, lovers but to all, even to the stranger that may be standing next to you.  We are all constantly reflecting ourselves on each other, so the next time we feel uncomfortable with someone, we can ask "what is making me feel uncomfortable with this person?", and see where the road of thoughts lead you.  Get a small journal and write your thoughts from a heart/soul level. 

Relationships are a gift given to us by our Heavenly Creator, whom I call Father God. It is one of the many of meaningful gifts we are given. 

Relationships can help us on so many levels, if we and our partners are willing to work on them-going through the pains, emotions , ups and downs. And to remember, the person who is gaining from this is YOU, you came to this world alone and you leave alone.  What you learn is for YOU and for the growth of your own soul. 

Many blessings and may your hearts find all levels of comfort knowing and reflecting on this matter.  There is no best time but now. 


06 March 2014

Ho'onopono Prayer , an old Hawaiian prayer .  This prayer is more for our own souls, to forgive our own selves, to love our own selves and for forgetting who we are.

Dear Father,

I Am Sorry,
Please Forgive me,
I Love You
Thank you

06 January 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year.  As we have now entered 2014 I wish Peace and kindness to you and to all.  May this year be a blessing and full of happiness for you and to your loved ones.  My New Year wish is for all people and countries to better care for Planet Earth as our lives depend on its condition.  In my Spiritual thoughts I feel , sense and have been told that Mother Earth is in the process of cleansing itself, as it has been slowly for the last couple of years.  However, in this process we will see more extreme weather and conditions around the Globe.  When our Countries are not caring better for Planet Earth, the earth will rise to the occasion of caring for its own self.  Although this is beautiful and remarkable it is sad for humanity, as humanity will bear its effects with extreme and harsh weather conditions on land and air.  God's love is not just for humans, but also for the creatures of the land and sea and to all nature in general.  Because of this love our lives may become more difficult as a result of us as human not doing our parts to better care for Earth. 

Each one of us can do something on our own levels.  We can write to our presidents to better care for Earth, we can write to our Congress, we can write to our Senators, we can plant trees, we can recycle and encourage our schools and companies to do the same, we can teach our children to better take care of earth,  and amazingly our children can teach us even more as they are so smart.  The list can be endless of what we can do, and I pray that each and every person will take their part.  As this is the only place we will/can come back to as human beings again.  In order to learn, and to evolve our Spirits to greater levels.

Happy Blessed New Year to All and to our Beloved Earth, as we are all in Mercy of it. 

08 August 2013

Going through a Dry Period

Keeping busy with life, kids, schools, work, and summer.  I will post soon.  Thank you for visiting my blog and lets all keep world peace in our prayers for all of humanity.  blessings .  Mary Ann 

21 September 2012

Other Spirit Planes (spirit communicated)

During this conversation with Father God, I had inquired about other planes of existence for our Spirits and the following is from that discussion.  Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope it will be awakening for you also.  Blessings... ( Father God's wisdom is in parenthesis)please excuse my grammar as I am not spending great time correcting it..but, I am sure you will be able to understand its meaning.

Father God, are there other planes of existences?

"There are many planes of existences for the human spirit as you say, but the spirit is not human.  The human aspect of your being stays on that level my child.  The level you are at is the most lowest level because it is very dense and populated.  There are several hosting places for our spirits.  The closest one to you, you are not able to see.  It is not visible to your human eyes.  But you are sensing this level when you are communicating with me and with our children who are there.  The closest level of plane to you is about two and a half feet above yours, you don't sense this level but they are there.  They also sense you but they are not aware you are there.  The spirits encompass many planes and the levels are constituted with spirits according to their evolvement on earth as it is on heaven.

You have been on this level when you were here, but your evolvement has taken you to other levels."

How do we know what level of plane we are at Father God?

"You don't my child, but we do and you have no idea of this when you are on earth.  The plane you are on in earth, you are at the lowest level and the most physical level for this reason Planet Earth is dense.  It is dense with particles of atoms that are moving very slow moving, for this reason you are  very slow and unable to sense ourselves here.    For this reason you and many others are not able to tap into the levels of existences there are.  However, once you shed off your physical body than the spirit will evolve into the next level."

I know a lady who can directly hear the messages of the Spirit world and to give direct messages to their loved ones on earth,  what level is she or a person like that on?

"She is at a level higher than yours for this reason she is fully capable of hearing their messages.  But, this does not mean she is greater than you or anyone else.  She selected to be on your level for to be of help to those who surround her on earth.  When she speaks with the departed, she is valuing the above levels but she is also able to stay on earthly level in order to converse with the spirits who are trying to give messages from here.   This is not a difficult thing to do, but it is a mastering way of communicating.  You are also able to do this, but your level is different than hers.  For this reason she is more accurate and evidential in her messages than you are.  You are to become more evolved in order to be more accurate in your readings for people.  You are bettering yourself-but the movements you are making are more dense and for this reason it feels very slow to you."

How can I and others be at a more higher level?

"You are to be more calm and your energy will be remarkably dense, when this happens, we are than able to tap into your energy, and for this reason we can communicate more profoundly with you.  You are to focus more on the levels of vibrations around you--your senses are vibrating constantly but the better senses are not interpreting these vibrations.  When you are able to receive more concrete vibrational messages than you will be able to interpret their meaning to the questions people may have towards the loving ways of receiving messages from us."

Why Don't we sense these planes?

"the reason why I constructed this worldly way of being is for your future growth on earth.  When you sense the vibrations of other planes than you will be distracted and you will not be making the needed growth in your spiritual growth of spiritual evolvement.  For this reason I encourage the human body to not sense planes close to you.  What you can understand from this concept and make sense out of it is for your learning and evolvement."

How does communication occur, like how am I hearing you?

"When you are calm and body is still, we are able to tap into your level of energy.  When you are hearing us, you are actually interpreting vibrations that your mind is receiving from us.  You are not hearing words but you are receiving the vibrations of our thoughts, and for this reason you are able to speak out loud what you understand what we are trying to communicate to you."

As people have progressed and developed on earth, has the spirit world also progressed/developed?

"Yes, of course--your development is solely due to our development.  Your development would be minimal if we did not encourage your spirit to communicate better with us.  When you are communicating with us you are in tuned with our energies.  When we assume the responsibility to submit energies through your body, we are very careful as to not bother you physical being for our energies are higher frequency than yours for it can be overwhelming to your system.  For this reason we are careful as to not bother your energy senses."

So, is this also how healing works Father God?

"Yes, healing comes through our submission of energies to your physical body.   Your physical body is following our path that we are conveying to it, and that is how we heal the minds and bodies of people who we select to help for greater reasons.  There are many times, people who don't want outside healing.  For this reason we cannot accommodate all healing requests, not because we don't want to heal people, but people want to suffer in order to grow and evolve through the experiences of their life lessons.  When your minds heal, your bodies heal.  Your minds are the disaster among you.  Your bodies are only foot soldiers not the leader."

What is the most highest Plane Father God?

"There is a plane that is very high and this plane is for very evolved spirits, who have lived on earth many many years ago.  They tend to constitute this plane, where they can make decisions on your behalf.  This is the level of my council, they are the highest level of spirits.  They are like my Right hand to your wisdom.  They make necessary decisions on our earthly matters that benefit humanity on earth."

Can we converse with Spirits on very high planes?

"Yes, you can but they have to come to your level of being and for this reason you may not be able to sense them as much as the planes lower, because they are closer and more dense to your beings.  And for this reason you can converse with them easier."

Is it okay for us to converse with Spirits?

"Yes, of course it is.  We enjoy when we can attract the spirits who are ready for spiritual conversations.  They serve us a purpose as well."

What purpose do we serve Father God?

"The purpose is to convey that life is all about all things possible my child.  You convey this in your small life, you work with people.  When you speak with them, they sense your loving gestures of our heavenly ways.  For this reason they make necessary changes and evolve constantly."

this was not the full end of my conversation, Father god than as always repeated a beautiful prayer and we ended our conversation.